INMAKER No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults, 2 Pack Elastic Sneakers Shoe Laces

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  • Goodbye Tie. Putting on shoes is as easy as wearing socks. No often bending over to re-tie and re-tighten shoes. Seniors and those in recovery don’t need to stretch their backs and bend knees to lace knots, which might lead to potential injury and harm.
  • Goodbye Loosen Shoelaces. A kid can wear shoes beautifully by himself at school. You never worry about your kids’ shoes when you are not with them. No being stumbled, no lagging behind by unexpected loosen shoelaces.
  • Elastic Silicone. Wipe and clean as new. Permanent elasticity for easy wearing and long-term using. Lightweight and soft. No hurting feet. Not easily broken.
  • Keep Tight. No falling off. Elastic silicone shoelaces securely wrap sides and top of your foot. Delivering snug and stretchy support. Elastic lock design combines well with shoes and prevents popping out.
  • Fabric-like texture won't make your shoes look casual or immature. 8pc of graduated lengths per side match the best tightness and for extra uses. Whether you have wide or narrow feet, they satisfy your needs.

Product Description

  16pcs Tieless Laces (2 Pack) 16pcs Tieless Laces 18pcs Tieless Laces Tieless Laces for Dress Shoes
Key Features 2 pack for 2 pair of shoes, more favorable for 1 pair of shoes "for 1 pair of shoes, 2 more pcs fit more foot shapes and shoe types" 12pcs for 1 pair of dress shoes
Gender Neutral (13 colors) Neutral (13 colors) Neutral (13 colors) Neutral (black/brown)
Target User kids, teens, adults kids, teens, adults kids, teens, adults adults
Apply to sneakers, trainers, casuals, canvas, etc. sneakers, trainers, casuals, canvas, etc. sneakers, trainers, casuals, canvas, etc. oxfords, brogues, derbies, leather shoes, etc.